Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WPG: December - Development of Sci Fi & Conception

The work in December consisted of fleshing out the prologue to Ether One and working on the hub world for the game. 

The shot above shows the hub world in a very bare form. Me and my fellow artist James sat down and planned out how we could make the environment more interesting.  We discussed how a large structure in the center of the dome would help bring the environment together. Like a sauce for linking Jeans memories with the player.  

The images above are quick silhouette concepts James drew up.

The images below show 3 stages of creating the concept for the hub world.

This is how we intend the level to look once it is complete.

The Ether Institute and other Science Fiction environments are based in the 1950/60s so all of the reference images for computers and technical equipment come from that era. Me and James also visited the museum of science and industry in Manchester and found some really nice circuit boards and old computer systems.

Below are the texture sheets for the Electric equipment.

The shot above shows a test scene I created to demonstrate how the environments could look in game. I also created some placeholder textures for the walls, floors and ceilings, these textures will be finished at a later date.

Texture Sheet for Lights.
Texture Sheet for Ether Chair Top section.
Texture 1 for Silo in Hub world.
Texture 2 for Silo in Hub world.

The shots below are high quality renders taken from a level in Ether. This environment is some kind of institute so it has a sterile cold feeling to it.

The Ether Chair that was textured at the Future Works presentation is the focal point for this room.

The shots Below are taken from the living quarters I was working on in the last post, this time they have the right textures and assets in place. These environments are still a work in progress, but none the less a step in the right direction.

This concludes the work completed for Ether One in 2012 and the end my Masters Degree Project.
 Development of Ether has another few months to go, but my MA project has reached its conclusion.
I'm sad its over! The road had been long! with many a winding turn! Check out the next post to see my MA Evaluation.

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