Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WPG: October - New Studio & More...

We Got it!

Prototype Fund decided White Paper Games were worthy of the £25,000, we were ecstatic! all the hard work so far had paid off, now we got to move into our studio in Manchester and start earning a wage.  

Develop ran an article about us on their website.

The New Studio

We moved into the new studio at the beginning of October, its a brilliant space and a great place to work, the shots below were taken on moving day.

Pete likes to sit on the floor.

Development Continues...

I continued to create the new harbor area, in the next month we planned to put out a gameplay trailer so I had a few weeks to completely finish this area. The shots below show continued development.

I then had to move on to creating the second part of the mining area as shown in the development shots below.

Reusing Texture Sheets. 

In a previous blog post I mentioned how i created a texture for the metal shutters with the intention of re-using it on other assets. Below are mine carts that  I textured using the shutter texture. It is also used on the train tracks as well as the settling tanks, but these meshes also required the use of wood textures. It all helps in saving memory and with the amount of detail we want to pack into Ether, every little helps.

Player Arm & Lamp

In the first level of Ether the player has to hold a Davy Lamp so to help with immersion we need an arm with a hand holding the Lamp. Below is a shot of the Arm and the corresponding texture sheet.

Above is a texture sheet I created for some unique assets that the player can interact with. They feed into the narrative and help to build a believable setting.

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